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About Us


Founder: "Our story begins with a missed flight. I was traveling in India and had missed my home flight. Despite being sad, I decided to make the best of the situation and go shopping at the local markets. I love leather goods, so I was attracted to the stall of one artisan in particular. That day I learned more about leather types, quality and craftsmanship that I could have hoped for in a year at home, and I was really impressed with the quality of the artisan’s craftsmanship. "

This encounter led to the founding of Bessie Hide, a realization of a long time dream of producing high quality, handmade leather bags. Since, it has led to many visits to India and other Asia countries in search for quality suppliers and craftsmanship, to ensure that we can offer leather bags of the highest quality and materials.

Today, our main head quarters are located in the charming old Baltic city of Vilnius, Lithuania, and we have workshops in several locations along the Indian east coast.

Bessie Hide focuses on selling high quality handmade leather bags of only the highest quality full grain leather. All  bags are handmade with love by skilled artisans. Therefore, all Bessie Hide leather bags are unique, because they are produced by hand with the care and attention of the craftsman, putting his own finishing touches into every single bag.

The full grain leather and hand sewn construction ensures a high quality bag that, with a minimum of care, will last you a life time. Instead of wearing out, quality leather bags get better with time, so the investment in a good quality leather bag will benefit you for years to come. And the best part is that we have eliminated middlemen and expensive branding. That way we can sell premium quality full grain leather bags directly to our customers, ensuring very competitive prices for such luxurious products.

Browse though our web shop to see our simplistic, timeless and classic designs. Remember that all our bags are hand made in limited quantities, due to being sewn by hand by the craftsmen in our workshops.


Bessie Hide believes in innovative yet simplistic designs using skilled craftsmanship. All products are intricately designed by our very own in-house artisans. These are assembled using premium full grain leather which is distinctly durable and offers a natural look and feel. At Bessie hide we believe in appealing to the select few that choose to opt for perfection over escalated brand names. By evading large factories and warehouses we provide our leather products at a fraction of the price.