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Original and Unique Hand Crafted Full Grain Leather Bags at a Reasonable Price: Is that Even Possible?

Posted by Simona 08/12/2017 0 Comment(s)

Bessie Hide hand crafts each and every bag into an original work of art, using the Artisan process, which is unbeatable. And by cutting out the middleman, their prices can’t be beat either.

Created from love, strict attention to detail is the only way that Bessie Hide creates their Leather Hide Bags. Each leather bag is individually crafted by a master craftsman. Using no mass production processes guarantees that each leather bag is exquisitely unique – the only one of its exact kind in the world! Made from Full Grain Leather, the beauty each bag expresses, only gets better with time; the longer you use it, the smoother and softer it becomes. Full Grain Leather is of the highest quality leather available, unlike “corrected grain leather”. Full Grain Leather has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed, and remains in its natural state. Keeping the grain allows the fiber to remain strong, durable, allowing the leather to breath and be much more resistant to moisture.

Bessie Hide bags are not only beautiful, high quality, hand crafted, Full Grain Leather, but are made to last a lifetime. Bessie Hide Bags offer designs for men and women, and include: backpacks, duffle bags, and laptop bags. Even designer bags can’t compare to Bessie Hide leather bags, as most of them on the market do not use the Artisan process and are manufactured via assembly line, or by machines. The Artisan process is: handcrafted, individually, by a master craftsman. This process normally costs more, but Bessie Hide offers them for a fraction of the cost of their competition.


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